Big Barrel is the largest Independent 100% NZ Family Owned & Operated Liquor group. Check our online shop for our liquor collection and the amazing deals on spirits. A Thai salad containing sausage made from fermented raw pork and sticky rice (naem). Yam pla duk fu Thailand Fish salad Crispy fried shredded catfish served with a spicy and tangy green mango salad. Yam thua phu Thailand Vegetable salad A Thai salad with winged beans, salted eggs, toasted coconut, shallots, fish sauce, lime juice and chillies. Sep 14, 2020 · Many were Thai Isan, or ethnic Lao from the northeastern region of Isan, where the cuisine is heavy on sticky rice, barbecued meats, and bright salads, like som tum (green papaya salad)—all ... Stir-fried ground chicken breast with sweet Thai basil, garlic, bell pepper, and green bean; topped with crispy basil. Ginger Chicken Gluten free upon request Vegan upon request chicken, pork, or tofu with vegetables $15.99 (Lunch $13.99) | prawns or beef $17.99 (Lunch $15.99) Caramelized lemon chicken skillet ... But the Thais went ahead and made these savory Pocky sticks into flavors like larb, tom yum, and Thai chili paste. The larb one has always been my favorite—it’s worderfully salty, a bit tart, and herbaceous just like the Thai salad—but they’re all … Larb. Spicy ground pork or chicken salad cooked in lime juice, chili pepper and fish sauce. ... Hyper-bitter neem leaves and blossoms and hot sweet tamarind sauce on grilled shrimp . Chicken Curry. ... Thai grilled chicken, marinated in lemongrass, garlic, salt and pepper. Grilled Chicken with Turmeric.